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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Design

You will explore how deep and wide contemporary design practice can go, apply design methodology to find your own sustainable personal practice and discover your identity as a graphic designer.

With each layer, let us piece your future together.


What you can learn:

Term 1 Exploring & Developing Practice in Graphic
Creative Analysis
Term 2 Preparation for Extended Study in Graphic Design
Professional Practice and Work Experience
Term 3 Independent Research Project
Extended Study in Graphic Design
Term 4 Extended Study in Graphic Design

*The length of each term is 3 months and you will work on building your graphic design portfolio throughout the year

Course Duration: 12 months (Full-time) or 15 months (Part-time)
Intakes: July 2018 (Full-time), October 2017 (Part-time)
Modes of Study: Full-time / Part-time

Career outcome: Graphic design is an exciting discipline that brings together creative-thinking skills with a broad range of practical media. You can pursue high-level design and research careers in print, digital screen-based media and moving images.

“FMDS is a special place to study. We bond with our lecturers, and even our principal, which positively affects our study progress. As a private education institution, FMDS can give more attention to their students and develops each individual’s talents, unlike other ‘mass production’ universities.”  –  Audric (Indonesian), joined 2015.

Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme

The PIC scheme supports investments in Innovation and Productivity. Businesses can enjoy huge tax savings in the form of cash payouts and/or tax deductions when they invest in any of these six productivity improvement activities:

  • Training of Employees
  • Investment in Design Projects Approved by DesignSingapore Council
  • Research and Development Activities
  • Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Registration of Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Plant Varieties
  • Acquisition or Leasing of PIC Automation Equipment

Companies that send their employees for training to improve productivity are entitled to claim up to 400% tax deductions and / or up to 40% cash payouts for their training expenses.


For more information about the IRAS PIC Credit scheme and how to apply, please go to www.iras.gov.sg