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Study at FMDS- Bachelor of Arts (Hons) FMDS Education-Career Pathway Beyond Design Learning

The FMDS-University of West England (UWE) degree programme offers all its Advanced Diploma graduates an accelerated degree pathway with a 12-month “top-up”. This programme is designed to endow students with analytical,conceptual and research skills that serve to up their ante in the diverse areas of professional design practice.

FMDS aims to engage students’ senses and minds with its series of classroom and outlearning activities that include overseas university visits, leadership training (through Passage to ASEAN mobility programmes) and participation in social and community work.

*With effect from 1 March 2018, FMDS will no longer offer any degree pathway to UWE Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Design or Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion programme. We will be teaching out the existing cohort of degree students.