10 Traits of A Loser

“”There are many losers in our midst, but they are often cloaked behind self-denial. 

In other words, externally they appear to be very successful both from a business and a social life perspective. Yet, underneath the facade of their public mask, their appearance of success dissolves.

Some of their traits may resonate with your personal experiences or with people you have met. Here are 10 common traits of a loser.


1. The loser sees difficulties in an opportunity. He focuses more on the pain than the gain.

 2. The loser often uses the word “What If” more than “Why Not”.

 3. The loser engages more discussions in “Why I can’t” rather than “Why can’t I”.

 4. He imposes limits on himself. He waits for things to happen instead of making them happen.

 5. The loser glorifies his past more than working on his future.

 6. The loser has an oversized ego and always creates excuses for himself rather than blaming himself for his mistakes.

7. The loser believes failure is fatal. He lives life cautiously and avoids making mistakes.

 8. The loser only helps himself to win. He takes more than he gives and thinks more about his gains than his losses.

 9. The loser brags about his failure as though it is a badge of honour.

 10. The loser commonly compromises principles to please others or to avoid trouble.


The loser is afraid of losing, period.

 Beware, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. To prevent negative influence, always keep a distance from the losers. But at the same time, take note of their mistakes and learn from them.

The list is not exhaustive and I would like you to share your personal experiences encountering people with loser mentality.