12 Universal Laws

1. The Law of Divine Oneness
Everyone and everything is connected in the world we live in. Every thought, words or actions of ours will take affect on others. As everything and everyone is connected to each other subconsciously, we should start thinking about the good in others, and they will think about the good in you.
Example: When we allow ourselves to become who we truly are, we discover our passions and want to provide happiness to others with our passions such as baking, singing etc.

2. Law of Energy or Vibration
Everything in the universe moves in a circular manner, not only in the physical world, but our thoughts and desires to move in a unique vibration frequency. Each thought and feelings has its own unique vibration pattern, and it will combine with those which possess identical vibration pattern. Our thoughts are connected to the rest of the universe, if you choose to have more good thoughts, more goodwill follow through.
Example: Everything in the world has a vibration. Good feeling such as love, or positive attitude would create a higher vibration, whereas a negative attitude would produce a slower vibration.

3. The Law of Action
Each action would provide with a different result, which is mostly based on thoughts, words, dreams or emotion. We must select our action that solely supports our thoughts, words, dreams or emotion. And the actions we selected must be supporting your thoughts and dreams which will help you accomplish your goal.
Example: Avoiding a problem will never work. By taking small actions is sufficient to make the problem slowly but surely. The more discipline yourself to take action with bigger things in life, the small things will take care of themselves.

4. The Law of Correspondence
This law states that we are in control of our life. Every action we make will be reflected in our outer world to our inner world.
Example: If your mind is concentrated on how unhappy you are, you’ll continue to have the negative energy, which will make you remain unhappy.

5. Law of Cause and Effect
Nothing ever happens by chance. It is each of our actions that create a reaction that is followed after.
Example: Every action will have a reaction. According to Newton’s Third Law, for every action force, there will be an equal and opposite reaction force, physically, verbally or mentally. Every statement made will be followed with a comment or a reply, thus a perfect example of action and reaction.

6. The Law of Compensation
Comes after the Law of Cause and Effect where blessing has come into our lives through various forms such as gifts, money, friendship etc.
Example: You get what you give, or in another word, Karma. Whenever someone smiles, your mood instantly changes. Be generous and donate what you have, and those things will come back to you in various forms.

7. Law of Attraction
This Law introduces things, people or events into our lives by our actions, thoughts or emotions. All these thoughts are energies that we use to attract more energy. By producing positive energy will attract other positive energy. The law brings people with similar interest together.
Example: People with similar interests such as being a fan of a similar football club would bring them closer as there is a connection made.

8. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
The Universal Law states that we possess the power to change the conditions of our lives. Higher vibration consumes and transforms lower ones, we are able to change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws.

9. Law of Relativity
In order for us to develop, we have to go through a series of problems while remaining connected to our hearts. This law also teaches us to compare our problems with other people’s problem. No matter how difficult the situation might be, there will always be someone else in the worst position. Example: We face many problems daily, thinking it can’t be worst than the problems faced by the people of Africa.

10. Law of Polarity
This law states that everything has an opposite. Change unwanted thought my thinking on the opposite pole.
Example: If we have not gone through sadness, we would not know what happiness feels like.

11. Law of Rhythm
All energy vibrates at a certain speed & rhythm. Everything has a cycle and stages of development. The only way to master each rhythm is by facing the negative part of each cycle.
Example: Even the best athletes will fall sooner or later, instead of seeing yourself getting weaker, you should see it as a sign for you to rest your body. Facing the negative part of each cycle will allow you to master the rhythm.

12. Law of Gender
According to the Universal Law, everything has its masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) principles. Each individual should balance between the masculine and feminine energies to become a Master.
Example: Everything contains both masculine and feminine elements. With masculine qualities are energy, logic and intellect, whereas feminine qualities are love, patience and gentleness. There must be a balance between both masculine and feminine. Without feminine, masculine would tend to act without restraint. And without masculine, there will be a failure to do anything. Both feminine and masculine are dependants on each other.