3 Types of Entrepreneurs

LUCK = Timing + Preparation

“It seems like some people have all the luck in the world, while some don’t.”

In the business world, sometimes we come across successful businessmen who seem to have the Midas touch. Little do we know about their success secrets except to pass it off as luck. For me, luck equates to Timing + Preparation. Let me share my understanding through a typically analogy. 

There are 3 common types of characteristic traits of an entrepreneur. These traits can be divided into groups known as Builders, Maintenance and Fire Starters. I shall elaborate as follows.


The Rare Type – Builders

The first group belongs to enterprising trailblazers and are usually visionary and innovative by nature. Usually small in numbers, builders are typically high achievers who seem to posses a higher calling in life. They also possess a higher consciousness and great sense of enlightenment, which they have acquired through previous meaningful experiences and lessons. They are very open to expressing their aspiration with others, which potentially opens many more opportunities than others. 

They are also dreamers but someone who dream with their eyes wide open. They will attempt to shape the environment rather than letting the environment shape them. Driven by their dreams, these people will introduce innovative ways to revolutionise conventional businesses. You will generally find them as captains of industry.

Type B – Maintenance

The second group of entrepreneurs possess qualities that are more maintenance driven. They are easily contented and after investing much effort in building their dream business, they are happy to simply sit and fan the fire. They will not go the whole nine yards due to their subconscious limitations or risk-averse nature. Typically, they possess limited vision and commonly lack innovative ideals. 

Type C – Fire Starters

For the last group of fire starters, they are often very idealistic and easily excited with ideals. They are often restless and commonly lack the discipline and patience to see through the entire implementation process. Before the full action is rolled out, their interests start weaning off and they quit easily. Often, they lack the determination and perseverance and see problems in an opportunity rather than the other way around. You will find them as common whiners who blame everything else instead of themselves for their failures. For this group of people, they are typically driven by financial gains instead of passion.

For the first group of rare business builders and leaders, they possess innate leadership abilities and are armed with a stronger courage to fail then to succeed. They exude influence unconsciously in their surroundings and are able to react to problems better. The key difference lies in their ability to create their lives and environment around their dreams instead of happily being a by-product of their environment. 

Which group do you belong? Unlock your potential today and find out.


“Life is an opportunity, seize it.

Life is a dream, realise it. 

Life is a challenge, meet it. 

Life is a duty, complete it. 

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is a struggle, overcome it.

We have only one life, fight for it.”

Mother Theresa