5 Stages of Mastering Destiny

Destiny is defined as the pre-ordained path of life. Much as it is determined in advance, what happen in the future is largely due to what we are doing presently.

The deepening stage of self-realisation is that you are not happy with the present state of matter in your life or career. This self-discovery is through a period of quiet time digging into your sub-conscious mind and listening to our inner voice.

Many are unsure about their future. However, one thing is certain, everyone yearns for a better future and harbours a strong longing to pursue our interest.

Such is a constant stage of self-reflection on a fact-finding mission to uncover ourselves. Only rare few individuals are bold enough to drop everything to chase their dreams. Are you one of them?


Here are 5 Stages of Mastering Destiny.

Stage One

Self Awakening (Listening to our inner voice and recognising our utmost desires, needs & wants in life)

Stage Two

Self Awareness (Building an awareness to forge our personal identity, preferences, interest, archetypes, intelligences, thoughts/belief and habits)

Stage Three

Self Concept (Developing an idea of our future self through attaining of career aspiration, realising our higher purpose and complete with life plan and action goals)

Stage Four

Self Worth (Building our self worth through acquisition of right knowledge, skill and experiences)

Stage Five

Self Actualisation (Fulfilling of one’s aspiration)