7 Expectations For FMDS Students

As a design institution, FMDS has 7 basic expectations of our students.

1. Keep Thinking
Curiosity and imagination spark creativity. As designers are visual individuals, students are encouraged to keep a keen eye on their surroundings. The more you see and know, the more your pool of ideas and options will grow. In design learning, no idea is too small, big, ridiculous or absurd. Always seek out the quirkiness that may be instrumental in conceptualising your next big idea.

2. Keep Up Your Commitment
You have chosen a career in design and it is important that you live up to your commitment. If you have a financial problem, come and speak to me. But if you have a problem with attendance and punctuality, you are doomed. If you are a borderline student, don’t freelance or work part-time, confidently thinking you can cope with the demand of your study. You will not because many average-grade students have tried and failed.


3. Keep Asking
As a student, learning to ask a question is an important step of your learning journey to become a trained designer. You are strongly encouraged to ask your lecturers whenever you have questions so as to clear your doubts. For your own benefit, I would rather you are a one-minute fool asking “silly questions” than a life-time fool living in a world filled with question marks.

4. Keep Improving
Communication design falls under the lowest rung in the food chain. In bad times, this is the first budget to come under the chopping block. In this business, you can’t expect the workloads to remain consistent. Project volumes differ from time to time, and these projects are usually infrequent and last for shorter durations. One day you can be busy, and the other, your workload is relatively lighter. Are you ready for the ups and downs?

5. Quitting is for Losers Only
Always set a benchmark for yourself so that you can continuously strive towards betterment. As a student, learn to adopt good habits of designers and make a commitment to transform yourself gradually so that your parents will be proud to witness the positive change in you. Learn to make small achievements every single day because no one can achieve something big in a single leap.


6. Be Proactive

You have to take the initiative to find the answers; not wait for them. It is not the challenges you face that define you; it is how you react to them.Your friends are your best buddies. Learn to work as a group and share your learning points with them. You will never know what can come out of it. Perhaps a push, support or recommendation can go a long way to help you overcome your struggles.

7. Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Learning to master the skill of ‘thinking how you think’ will transform your attitude and help you overcome challenges in school, work and life. Be mindful that your educational qualification is only a stepping-stone and it cannot guarantee any future success. However, a positive attitude will inevitably be a key determinant of your future.

All FMDS academic team, including myself, are here to help you overcome your learning challenges. In doing so, please feel free to consult us anytime.