9 Leadership Motto's

  1. Dare To Change

Be sensitive to the things operating around you. Adaptability is a sure way to survive and grow. We also need an inquisitive mindset to seek out new knowledge and opportunities, hence it is critical we always stay in the forefront of industry happenings and trends.

The only thing that’s permanent is CHANGE.


  1. Know How You Think

Conceptual Thinking– The ‘Why’ stage. At this brainstorming stage, an idea is only an idea. Your subordinates should not be confused and take any idea as final.

Strategic Thinking– The ‘What’ stage. From your selected pool of ideas, analyse and evaluate its range of values, benefits and advantages before deciding on one.

Operational Thinking– The ‘How’ stage. How the selected idea should be implemented, what kind of resources (financial, manpower and facilities) are needed and its action timeline.

When I explain my thoughts under these separate categories, I removed ambiguity leaving little chance to second guessing.


  1. Be Candid, Bold And Yet Tender

Direct yet sincere and warmth help communicate the hard truth in a more acceptable and digestible manner. Like it or not, they are only few who are ready to face the truth. Vice versa, we must also be ready to accept constructive criticism.

As a leader, I don’t minced my words. I prefer it hurts than to hide the ugly facts.


  1. Be Decisive. When We Make Mistakes, Dare to Admit It

Subordinates like responsive bosses. When making a considerate decision, think of its direct consequences, all possible implications and repercussions that may adversely affect its final outcomes.

Constantly do self-reflection for self-betterment. Learn to face our personal weakness and work towards self-improvement. 

I made apologies openly when I knew I have committed one. Mistakes learnt will only make me wiser and more confident.  


  1. Learn to Work With People Who Are Smarter Than Us

Everyone has their strength and weakness. Instead of feeling threatened, observe and learn from them as it helps to sharpen our minds.

Competitiveness always drive a person towards self-improvement. 


  1. Work Yourself Out Of Your Role

Be organisation centric and learn to let go. Be ready to hand over rein to someone who’s better than you (everyone has a certain limit. Beyond that, we must be prepared to step back and let others lead). 

Only when I learnt to let go, then I will be able to find higher ground.


  1. Push Your Limit

You’ll never know your limit till you step out of your comfort zone. Either you push yourself or risk being pushed by your competitors.

Read the 6 Habits of a Champion.


  1. Be A Role Model (read article on 6 Habits of a Champion)

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. You will never be the person you can be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out of your life. It is through these tension and pressure that develops a person’s leadership qualities and earn others’ respect. 


  1. Be Yourself (read my article on First World Living – Singapore)

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.