A Man of Value is

A Man of Excellence

Learning is cumulative. It is also a form of action. The acquisition of knowledge with constant self reflection to develop a series of applied forward action is what positive learning epitomises. This is what makes us an asset to society.

A man of value is a learned man. He is highly respected for his intelligence and wisdom and he possesses compassion and intellectual knowledge in any subject matter that interests him. He typically exudes an air of confidence that easily inspires respect from people around him.

 A man of value is also someone who has weathered all sorts of trials and tribulations in his life yet harbours a positive outlook. He sees it as a personal calling to help others and is ever ready to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. He is also emphatic and generous with his time and advices.

 A man of value also upholds the virtue of trustworthiness. His unbiased opinions and comments are highly appreciated by those who seek his views.


  1. A Man of Value is Passionate in his Action

A man of value is also a man of action. Through his display of passion, he seems to be able to find time to indulge in more activities than the average man. He also seems to possess more energy than usual and is in love with everything he is involved in.


  1. A Man of Value has Insights

A man of value possesses multi-dimensional viewpoints and seems to know things that many don’t. His diverse experiences and wisdom allows him to dispense good advice, offering multi-level perspectives on specific subject matters. He often acts as a bridge between the known and the unknown, giving the listener a sense of assurance and a boost to their self-confidence.


  1. A Man of Value Upholds Integrity

A man of value is often regarded as a man of integrity. In the eyes of the beneficial party, he represents the qualities of honour, truthfulness, humility, respect, responsibility, confidence and dependability. He also possesses the trait of selflessness and the virtue of trust. He is willing to share without expecting any benefits in return. 


  1. A Man of Value Opens More Door to Opportunities

People gravitate towards a man of value. He possesses an aura of influence and readily generates positive energy to people around him. A man of value often finds helping others a pleasant experience and doesn’t expect anything in return. Through his goodness and enthusiasm, he seems to open more doors, thereby attracting more opportunities. 


Living Mottos of a Man of Value:

  1. The joy of giving is more pleasurable than receiving.
  2. We live in an imperfect world. Nothing is balanced, fair or equal.
  3. We acknowledge that happiness is a way of living rather than a destination. 
  4. Obstacles in life are often a stepping stone to finding oneself.
  5. Greed is only good if it benefits everyone.
  6. Everyone we know can be our teachers or students.
  7. Our mind is our master and our attitude its slave.
  8. Our time does not belong to ourselves only but to others in need too.