Advanced Diploma in Digital Media Design
Intakes: January, April, July, October

Step into the future of digital media design. Discover the possibilities of design today by means of applying creativity into the digital world!

Level - Fundamentals

Ideal for those looking for a qualification to gain an in-depth understanding of modern digital media, and build a career around it by shaping their ideas through creative designs!

Programme Outcome

Acquire an internship with a company based on a portfolio review and job interview, or an option of doing studio practice within a media and design company affiliated with “First Media Group of Companies”

motion design

About the Programme

Think Social, Design Digital!

Digital Media enables you to design more platforms for people of all ages to express themselves better. 

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to develop a creative brief and expand on your chosen media specialisation, which may include 3D modelling and animation, video for television, multimedia authoring, motion graphics, or a combination of any of the above.


Fundamentals of Design

Understand the key elements and principles of design


Principles of Advertising

Formulate creative advertising campaigns that communicate messages to specific target groups


Professional Practice and Portfolio

Prepare for job interviews by demonstrating the ability to present and communicate professionally

What will you learn? 

3D Modelling and Animation

Add powerful tools into your arsenal to generate dynamic visuals for television and the Internet. Demonstrate the use of 3D applications and create synchronised animated outcomes.

Desktop Publishing

You will need to understand prepress technicalities and demonstrate the ability to conceptualise a complete editorial, respectful of legibility, pagination, mastheads, and other DTP requirements.

Digital Content for Mobile Devices

Focus on practical and theoretical studies of digital content for mobile devices, like cellular phones, smart phones, PDAs (Personal Data Assistants), and portable media players. Gain a clear understanding of existing mobile network and hardware technologies.

Digital Graphic Manipulation

Explore the use of vector based graphic software for page layouts, respecting grid systems, guides, and competent image ranking. Demonstrate competent use of vector illustration, lens based photography and digital imaging software.

Digital Sound Design

Analyse and experience digital multi-track recording practices for various outcomes like television, radio, interactive content and animation.

E-commerce Theory and Practice

Learn to integrate backend technologies to websites with due consideration to functionality, visual aesthetics, and practicality.

Interactive Games and Programming Design

Use multimedia scripting languages and moving visual techniques to create interactive games for online or offline media.

Media Communication

Understand practices, current events, and communication theory in the media such as the hypodermic needle theory, spiral of silence, critical theory and cultivation theory.

Motion Graphics for the Internet

Demonstrate competency in GUI (graphical user interface) design with audio-visual feedback and overall layout compositions. Learn  basic programming to achieve published and complete products for distribution.

Motion Graphics for Television

Acquire specific skills involved in the creation of animated titles, program trailers, cinematic sequences, and TV commercials. Understand synchronised moving type elements, special effects, and industry format and resolutions.

Motion Graphics for Visual Effects

Be exposed to a wide range of techniques and industry practices that produce quality visuals for broadcast television. Demonstrate the skills acquired by designing a complete “3D Modelling and Animation” visual.

Music Production

Use sequencing software to create original drum loops, bass lines, organ key chords and melodic leads. Your ideas will be layered into musical arrangements at various tempos, time signatures, and influences.

Television Production 2

Experience shooting on high definition cameras at 16:9 aspect ratios with correct lighting setups for short story film production.

Television Production 1

Gain understanding of the different camera movements and framing terminologies critical in achieving the desired footage for editing. You will be deeply involved in the operation of technical equipment used in digital video for television, the setting up and use of lighting systems, reflectors, boom microphones, filters and gels.

Typography and Design

Understand basic typographic terminologies, and their practical applications in print, and screen base outcomes.

Web Design and Multimedia Publishing

Be equipped with essential skills required for internet publishing and understanding interface development for other display and storage devices. Apply audio, motion, video and visual feedback in areas required to communicate client briefs to specified target audiences.

Professional Practice/ Live Project
Studio Practice

This unit will require Students to either acquire an internship with a company based on a portfolio review and job interview, or studio practice within a media and design company affiliated with ‘First Media Group of Companies’. This component of the advanced diploma programme is meant to provide Students with real studio experiences and a great starting point for commercial projects for Students’ portfolios

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop Students’ experience at the workplace
  • Encourage teamwork in real situations
  • Experience real project briefs and client servicing
  • Work under supervision of creative art directors, project and accounts executives

Programme Fees

SGD $20,000 (before GST)


January, April, July, October

Programme Duration

Full Time: 24 months, 5 days a week

Part Time: 24 months, 3 days a week

Intakes Yearly


Career Opportunities

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Animation Artist
  • Freelance Animation and Multimedia Designer
  • Content Creator

Entry Requirements

Advanced Diploma Level

Direct Entry
Applicants will be enrolled directly into Advanced Diploma programmes if they meet the following criteria:

  • Singaporean and Singapore PR applicants: Completed a Diploma in any discipline OR
  • 2 GCE A Level subjects including General Paper with a D grade for each subject, or equivalent OR
  • Completion of an FMDS Diploma with a minimum Credit grade
  • 18 years old and above
  • Foreign applicants: Completed a Diploma taught in English or completion of Diploma not taught in English with minimum IELTS score of 5 or minimum TOEFL score of 55, or equivalent

 Conditional Entry
Applicants will be given conditional entry into Advanced Diploma programmes based on the following criteria:

  • Submission of a design portfolio subjected to assessment by FMDS Academic Team AND
  • Submission of resume and Letter(s) of Identity from employer(s) for matured candidates of minimum 25 years of age with a minimum of 2 years of working experience in a related field AND
  • Completion of an FMDS Diploma with a minimum Credit grade

Financing Info

  • Installment and financing plans available. 
  • Do reach out to our admissions team to find out more about financing your education!
  • Course fees are subjected to 7% GST.
  • First Media reserves the right to change, modify course fees without prior notice.