Benefits of FMDS Alumni

  • FMDS’ Students for Life! Feel free to pop by if you are around the school, say ‘Hi’ to your lecturers or non-academic team. Overseas? Drop us a friendly email to let us know you are doing well.
  • Mentorship opportunity – Always wanted to embark on the designpreneur path but do not know how to start? Arrange a personal meeting with Mark to get things started.
  • Complimentary refresher courses- feels like you’ve missed out something during the school time? You’re always welcomed to come to us with the specific unit that you would like to attend and simply sit in and reminisce the good ol’ times.
  • Uncut Session- Join us at any of the Uncut Session series to find out about the obstacles in a designpreneur pathway and how to overcome them. It’s free, really
  • FMDS Speaker- Be an inspiration to your junior designers at FMDS and share about your transition from being a student to getting to where you are. With a hot cup of coffee, let’s get started with your sharing session.

Alumni: FMDS’ students for life

We love to hear from you on what you are up to after graduation, and if you’ve changed your contact details, update us below: