Are You A Value-Added Employee?

In our knowledge capital economy, employees are often commoditised and the least value added ones are often marginalised and faced with possible employment displacement. Job competency alone cannot guarantee job security. To sustain and grow in one’s employment, one needs to adapt and participate in their organisation’s growth needs.

Amidst the progressive and open economy landscape in Singapore, unceasing technological advancements and a tight labour market posed 2 key challenges widely face by organisations. On the other spectrum, many professions are also experiencing shorter career life spans and jobs are facing the real threat of being replaced by technologies or with lower cost talents.

Technology and Tight Labour Market – 2 Key Challenges 

As employees strive to attain employment sustainability and career growth, the need to become a value-added employee (VAE) has become essential. VAEs are regarded as a rare breed of employees who are aware that their employment survival skill lies not with their competency but also their responsiveness to change, ability to adapt and pro-activity to participate in their organisation’s growth. This group of employees are usually prepared to align their personal growth with the organisation’s vision, possess high self-confidence to do their job well and always strive to be a role model.

How Do You Respond to Change?

Responsiveness to change goes beyond merely trying to fit in the work environment. It is about an individual’s willingness to let go of their old thoughts and readily embrace change. They are aware of the need to have mental openness and elasticity to receive and embrace change in order to experience a positive personal transformation.

Here are some simple survival tips to test your level of adaptability in your current organisation:

On matter of organisation and leadership:

  1. Are your personal aspirations aligned with those of your organisation?
  2. Are you concerned whether the organisation makes and loses money?
  3. Do you execute your tasks as if you are the owner of the organisation?
  4. Are you concerned if your co-workers are not productive?
  5. Do you have confidence in the organisation and its leadership?

On matter of personal beliefs:

  1. Do you recognise the fact that there are always better ways to do the same things and accept the fact that there are more perspectives or solutions to one problem?
  2. Are you able to avoid being emotionally attached to or defensive of your viewpoints?
  3. Are you able to carefully consider an idea before shutting it down and refrain from censoring unfavourable data?

On matter of personal growth:

  1. Are you of the mind that you are behind time and it is time to change?
  2. Are you open to criticism and prepared to redefine yourself everyday?
  3. Are you ready to let go of your old beliefs and listen to others’ perspectives?
  4. Are you able to laugh at yourself and the mistakes you have made?

If your answers are No, you are likely to see a stalemate in your personal development and this will adversely affect your professional and personal lives. It may be high time you leave your organisation or face possible employment displacement.