Corporate Training

For over a decade, First Media has pioneered the application of Design Thinking Pedagogy into the learning journey of young and aspiring designpreneurs.

Now, we have developed a formulated system that infuses these methodologies into everyday business activities, through custom tailored corporate solutions designed specifically for each organisation.


FM Business Managment Solutions

Bringing Zest to your Work Culture

Upskill your workforce by reigniting a fresh mindset to your team. Nurture talent and transform your team to become leaders of the next generation through FM’s Thinking System. 

Organisational development

Systems Thinking

Understand how your team works and develop a collaborative workforce!

Strategic planning future scenerios

Plan & Analyse Market Research

Design your business with a focus on customer satisfaction to enhance your conversion rate! 

business innovation

Accelerate Business Innovation

Effectively motivate your workforce to elevate your business performance!

innovative solutions

Conceptual Thinking

Align your team through organisational goals in their journey for growth! 

FM Design Solutions

Your Next Big Campaign Starts Here

Train your team to think like designers. FM Corporate Design Solutions help spur creative and imaginative thinking to think outside the box. 

FM provides the opportunity to enhance ideas through creative thinking and design fundamentals, and executing these ideas through various design applications for implementation through online and offline marketing channels. 

Design for Branding

Design Softwares

Conceptualise and execute design projects with our suite of design software workshops! 

Strategic planning future scenerios

Creative brand management

From satisfied, to recurring customers! Create a brand that leaves a mark on customers!

content development

Content Strategy

Good design does not always lead to good marketing, but good marketing cannot exist without good design!


Envision the future

Conceptual Thinking

Think outside the box! Elevate your team’s creative capability to generate fresh ideas!

FM Digital Marketing Solutions

expand your digital footprint

Educate your employees on the medium and process of how marketing is conducted today. This is FM’s most in demand corporate programme. Cultivate in them a sense of awareness to advance further in trying to understand and connect with every customer in the cyberspace.

International Marketing

content marketing

Market your product with quality content! Make your audience eager to see your next post!


Digital marketing fundamentals

Learn to build an online awareness campaign and get your online identity running! 


inbound marketing

Create targeted ads and campaigns to drive higher traffic to your website!

International Marketing

Social media marketing

Understand how to convey a unified brand message across multiple Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and etc.!

FM Strategic THinking Solutions

Innovation for Managers and Business leaders, through design

Equip your team with innovative mindsets and take your business to the next level with innovative corporate solutions.

These workshops aim to expand learners’ regular style of thinking processes by allowing them to review and refine their decision-making processes with the aim of introducing innovation to their existing workplace, producing a more strategic and holistic approach to attain business goals.


Accelerate Business Innovation

Everything you need to know to kick start your online business presence! Explore everything from Google to Social Media marketing! 


Business Expansion Stategies

Learn how you can retarget your website and social media visitors from users to customers! 

International Marketing

Product Development plan

Business are on social media for a reason! Explore how you can engage and update your audience through content marketing!

Our Method

First Media offers custom-tailored corporate solutions designed to maximise employee potential, increase productivity, and problem-solving capabilities. Our workshops have proven to raise the caliber of employees through the inclusion of Design Thinking problem-solving methodologies into each occupational job role.

We aim to provide value by understanding organisational needs and designing curriculums that target specific areas for improvement and growth within organisations.

who has trained with us

Fund your Training with skillsFuture

Everyone interacts with their mobile devices daily. Connecting with each other through mobile apps and getting our information from the web.
Be a part of this movement and take your first step towards one of the most in demand after job roles in today’s highly digital world.

SkillsFuture Funding

Upskills your workforce with up to 95% training subsidies from SkillsFuture Singapore!

Absentee Payroll

For every hour of training attended, organisations are eligible for $10/hour in absentee payroll. This is meant to alleviate staff downtime from work.

SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit

Learn how to create a working protoype for a mobile application or website with Adobe XD!


Benefits of Corporate Training
First Media offers custom-tailored corporate solutions designed to maximise your employee potential, increase their productivity, and their problem-solving capabilities.
An E-certificate for participants will be sent to the company upon the completion of the workshop.

No hard copy of the certificate will be issued.

Cost Effective Training Plans
Utilise up to 95% SSG funding and get up to $10/hr when your staff attends workshops in our campus, online, or in your office!
Cost of FM Corporate Training
One training workshop (3 hours long) costs S$2,000 inclusive of curated teaching materials.

These teaching materials will be handed over to the company after the completion of the programme.

Copyright of Materials
First Media will provide the company with full teaching materials.

First Media claims all the rights and takes full ownership of the materials distributed. Materials will be handed over to the company only for internal use. Any intention of duplicating or distributing our materials will be in violation of our copyright.

Flexible Learning
FM has a broad range of customised corporate training workshops and each workshop has a different objective.

Learn in our campus, your office, or online!

Looking for quick lunch hour session? Or full day training? We can do them all!

Highly Customised Workshops
Facilitated by our industry experts, we strive to understand your organisational needs and to design curriculums that target specific areas for improvement and growth within organisations.

You can easily customise our workshop modules to fits these business sectors:

• Integrated Design Thinking Solutions for Corporate Businesses
• Business Management Solutions for Business Owners
• Design Management Solutions for Creative Professionals
• Digital Marketing Solutions for Marketeers

Number of Participants
Companies are limited to 25 pax per one (1) Corporate Training Workshop.
Payment & Refunds
Payment via credit card is preferred. Payment must be received 2 weeks before the commencement of training.

There is no refund once FM commences curating the workshop.

Registration Procedure
When we receive your expression of interest, our consultant will email you a list of questions to for us to understand your training needs. We will then present a fully customised workshop for your company upon receiving payment.
Schedule & Duration
Training workshops can be held on both weekdays or weekends. Each training workshop is 3 hours (inclusive of 15 minutes break in between).
Trainer Profiles
First Media has a panel of full time and highly qualified adjunct trainers hailed across different professional backgrounds including accounting, business, creative, healthcare, legal, logistics, and etc.
WSQ & Customised Training Programmes
WSQ Workshops are subsidised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) with a preset standard of programmes and compulsory assessments

Customised Corporate Workshops are not subsidised; but are 100% customisable by using the Workforce Singapore (WSG) approved courseware.

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