SkillsFuture Design and Management Workshops

From Design Thinking to Business Innovation, we’ve got it all!

Explore our range of creative business thinking workshops designed for Singaporeans looking to make a difference in their organisation!

All courses are applicable for SkillsFuture funding of up to 95% for corporates with up to $10/hr Absentee Payroll funding.

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“Good Design is Good Business” – Thomas Watson

Creative thinking is the ability to spark your imagination and expand your opportunities. Here at First Media Design School we believe that imagination is everything. As a creative design institution in Singapore, we aim to be able to produce graduates whose creativity is not limited only to their creative skill set, but they will have the capacity to create their own creativity out of their imaginative thinking skill.

Our workshops not only challenge the individual to expand their imagination, but it also teaches how to apply their enlarged thinking into creating solutions outside the field of design and in the workplace. 

Accelerate Business Innovation

Craft innovative business plans, pilot, and launch! This workshop will teach learners how to pilot innovation projects and identify possibilities for scaling.

Conceptual Thinking for Creative Industries

Learn to utilize information and data to visualize creative concepts through models and frameworks. This workshop will help learners expand their scope of understanding and identify future trends. 

Content Strategy for Creative Industries

Develop a content strategy for your organisation! Learn how to engage your audience through the use of tone, prose and density of writing!

Cultural Sensitivity in Design

Explore how the understanding of culture is essential for any design. Learn how to craft messages and designs that enhance understanding and awareness across borders. 

Design Planning for Future Scenarios

Widen your imagination through divergent exploration techniques! Craft your very own version of a product, service or design that may be a feature of the future!

Strategic Design Management

Learn how to manage design project teams. From the design brief to the actual design, explore the various stakeholders and processes in place in today’s design studios!

Envisioning the Future

Through experimentation and creative thinking, prototype a design that will solve future consumer behaviors and trends! 

Implementing Design Thinking

Apply Design Thinking in everyday scenarios to define the problem, generate new ideas, and uncover opportunities! 

Systems Thinking

Go deep into the various processes in an organization! Learn how to identify various “archetypes” and “mental models” in order to see causal relationships between different parts of a system or organisation.

Visual Storytelling

Learn about the concept of “storytelling” as a way of conveying messages. Through storyboarding and illustrations, sell your story or brand through creative visuals!