Diploma Qualifications

Looking to take your skills further with a qualification? Look no further! Take your first step toward a new career with our range of Diploma Qualifications!

Take your first steps to a new career today!

Graduates from First Media Design School will be provided employment assistance through our Recruitment partners for Internships and employment opportunities.

All diplomas are offered by First Media Design School.


Your quickest way to a professional qualification!
Explore our range of Design and Creative Business specialist diplomas to kick start your career in the creative industry!

Full Time : 6-12 Months
Part Time :  8-15 Months

Visual Communication (Graphic Design)

Learn everything you need to be a Graphic Designer! From creative thinking to technical skills through live projects. 

Digital Marketing

Prepare yourself for one of the most in-demand jobs around! Explore everything digital marketing, from campaign strategizing, technical skills and data analytics for real projects!

Digital Design (UI/UX)

Ideal for those looking to enter the tech scene, learn how apps and websites are designed, prototyped and lauched!  

Design Management (Freelancers)

Looking to be a Designpreneur? Couple your design skills with entrepreneurship take your first step to starting your own studio!

Thinking of working towards a degree in Design? Our Diplomas are just the right programme for you! Apart from technical skills, gain real world experience through internships with our industry partners!
Ideal for those who are keen to pursue formal educational qualifications locally and overseas.

Full Time : 18 Months
Part Time : 18 Months

Visual Communication (Graphic Design)

Pick up technical design and creative thinking skills, and apply them in the workplace through internship opportunities! 

Visual Communication (MultiMedia)

Your first step towards being a professional content creator! Expose yourself to all things multimedia from, from Photography, Film Making to Animation!

Top up your Diploma with an Advanced Diploma for access into our partner Universities in Australia, UK and more! 

Full Time : 24 Months
Part-Time : 24 Months

Digital Media Design (UI/UX)

Your final stop before a Degree! Be a UI/UX expert through hands on learning and internships!

Visual Communication (Graphic Design)

Be a Graphic Design pro! Explore job placement opportunities while completing your Advanced Diploma!

Visual Communication (Multimedia)

Be a pro Content Creator! Explore job placement opportunities while completing your Advanced Diploma!