SkillsFuture Design Courses & Workshops

From Graphic, Web, UI/UX Design to content creation, explore our range of SkillsFuture accredited skill based workshops crafted by Singapore industry experts. Each workshop is designed to provide you with specific skillsets to help you attain the necessary skills to reach your career goals!

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Design has been essential for Singapore businesses to stand out and stay competitive in today’s business environment, be it an essential job role or an essential skill for effective marketing. Explore our full range of Adobe design courses covering visual to animation design!

photoshop course singapore

Visual Communication Essentials (Adobe Photoshop)

Learn to create captivating marketing collaterals through image manipulation on Adobe Photoshop!

Mixed Media Drawing

Express your creativity through various art mediums from pencils to paint!

DigitaL design for branding (Adobe illustrator)

Conceptualise and create a logo and brand kit for a business with Adobe Illustrator!

Motion Design (Adobe After Effects)

Take your illustrations to another level with animations on After Effects!

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Web Designer & UI/UX Designer

Everyone interacts with their mobile devices daily. We connect with each other through mobile apps and get our information from the web, beyond the boundaries of Singapore. Be the master of this movement by taking your first step towards one of the most in demand after job roles in today’s highly digital world. Explore our full range of web design courses covering UI / UX and WordPress!

Interaction Design

Go deep into what makes mobile apps and websites great through the study of user behaviour, testing and good design!

Web Development & Design

Learn to create a website from scratch with basic coding and CMS! 

User Interface Design

Learn how to create a working protoype for a mobile application or website with Adobe XD!

web design course singapore

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Content Creator

YouTube and Instagram are the most used Social Media platforms today. Users are accessing it for leisure, and businesses are utilizing it as a platform for marketing. Explore our range of Content design courses, designed for aspiring YouTube video creators or Instagram photographers in Singapore!

adobe lightroom course singapore

Videography & Premier Pro

Shoot, Edit and Publish your very own short video for YouTube or Social Media! Learn videography techniques and how to professionally edit them on Adobe Premier Pro!

Photography & Lightroom

Shoot, Edit, and Post! Learn how to capture amazing photographs, edit them professionally on Adobe Lightroom, and gain more followers on Instagram!