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Our WSQ certified courses span across various industries and career-tracks. Whether you’re looking to become a UI/UX designer or a Data Scientist, our academy offers the necessary training to make sure you are well-equipped for today’s tech-centric workforce!

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Everything you need to know about the world of Digital Marketing! Explore how businesses are utilising various

Social Media Marketing

Explore how businesses are utilising Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to attract new customers!

Inbound Marketing

Learn about Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing and how you can utilise Google Ads to drive web traffic!

Content Marketing using Design Thinking

Learn about Design Thinking can be used as a tool to curate and generate contents to engage your audience!

Designing for Mobile Marketing

Explore how you can maximise your marketing activities through mobile devices!

Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Looking to launch a campaign with maximum impact with limited budget? Explore how brands have taken marketing to the streets!

Digital Remarketing and Retargeting

Are your site visitors not taking any action? Learn how to retarget them on social media and Google Ads!

Design Thinking for Digital marketing

Through the study of Design Thinking, learn how you can incorporate these process methods in crafting your marketing campaign!

Digital Marketing Research Methods

Data is a key tool for any digital marketer. Learn how to extract essential data, and how to make sense of them.