A conversation with Mark Phooi – Iron Man with a real heart

by Wei Ying  October 13, 2021
Dressed in a white linen shirt with quirky bold-coloured graphics, paired with an understated set of washed-out blue jeans, was Mark Phooi, the man behind the magic, founder of First Media Design School (FMDS).

Mark on holiday in Nice, France

Mark in his younger days

Students at FMDS

“Once a mentor, always a mentor.”

FMDS Campus @ Teck Lim

An FMDS student during a shoot

Oh yes, one more thing, if I had a mentor back then, that would have been great! Sadly, the mistakes that I had made are really obvious and stupid ones. I could have easily avoided them if I had some guidance.

FMDS’s very own Iron Man with a real heart