A word from the Principal

“Education is acquired for more than earning a living; it’s learning what to do with a living that counts”
– Mark Phooi, Principal of FMDS

Why design? That should be your first question.

In deciding to pursue your education in design, you have chosen a path that is filled with setbacks, long hours and hair-pulling moments. Just ask anyone in the creative industry.

But with great risk comes great reward. And rewards are aplenty in the field of design. Those who stay long enough know it’s the satisfaction that makesthem ever more passionate about their craft.

In FMDS, you will experience design under the careful guidance of lecturers who are actual practitioners and have excelled in the industry. Coming together in a school created by someone who is so disenchanted by the stagnant state of design education in Singapore, they dedicate themselves to raising the standards of the design industry.

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Bad Design is Subjective, but Good Design is Universal

There are no limits to creativity. But there are boundaries to good taste. What is a good design? Are there bad designs? We won’t tell you what to think, but we can teach you how to think. Like how you will be stretched to your limits in the real world, FMDS will challenge you to think, imagine and dream bigger, so that you are fully prepared and ready to win.

Designpreneurship – Master Your Career Destiny

At FMDS, we are dedicated to “nurturing tomorrow’s designpreneurs”. Graduating from FMDS means you will become more than a fully trained designer; you will acquire design management knowledge that produces a hybrid of designer, practitioner and entrepreneur - all into one holistic package.

School of Hard Knocks

Will the learning process be hard? Yes. Will it be useful? Absolutely. How do I know? Because I spent two decades in the creative industry and I know what is needed to succeed. Unlike other design schools, FMDS leads by actual experience. I have run my own company and groomed trailblazers, and I now impart these accumulated experiences to you. You will evolve together with the industry and become the leader of your chosen field.

FMDS – The World in My Classroom

To give our graduates a competitive edge on the global stage, FMDS has carefully selected partner universities from across three continents to bring the best in design pedagogy to Singapore. Our students can look forward to varied perspectives, best industry practices and attaining their Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degrees from the UK, US or Australia, all within three years.

Seeing is Believing

For all the talk about how good we are, we invite you to experience FMDS for yourself. You will be impressed, because we have designed it to be so.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to First Media Design School.

Mark Phooi
First Media Design School

About Mark Phooi

FMDS is the brainchild of Mark Phooi. Over the past 30 years, Mark has been instrumental in training and grooming more than 50 designpreneurs in Singapore and around the region, all of whom are successfully plying the design trade.

To mark his 50th birthday, he launched his book ‘Think like a sage, Work like a Fool, Act like a Criminal‘, chronicling his design business strategies, concepts and personal reflections. The book is currently available at Kinokuniya.