How to Be a Man of Distinction – Characteristics and Attitude

Our genetically determined characteristic and attitude are two major traits that sub-consciously affect the decisions we make and how we react to people and matters around us. For better or worst, they basically influence and characterise our life as a whole. To be a man of distinction with good characteristics and always arms with positive attitude, here are 9 tips to share:

1. You are who you are. Never try to imitate another’s personality or their characteristics.

2. To be sincere and warm, start by believing in the goodness of every one you meet.

3. Everyone has weaknesses and limitations. What counts is how we play up the strength that differentiates and makes us stand out.

4. Our strength lies not in our capabilities but how these capabilities can bring benefits and value to others.

5. Envy is only good if it motivates you to stretch yourself. Self-discovery begins only when you are outside your comfort zone.

6. Everyone makes mistakes. Acknowledge them openly, reflect upon them quietly, learn from them diligently, then move on.

7. The weak like to judge others to make themselves feel strong. The wise learn from others to strengthen themselves.

8. Everyone loves to talk about others. Don’t waste time gossiping about others unless there are lessons to be learnt.

9. We are never the best versions of ourselves till the day we pass on. Never stop trying to improve.