I Am More Than What I Think I Am

…this “can do”, “must do” and “do well” attitude has conditioned my mind and drove my spirit to stretch both my personal and work-based competency.

I am often intrigued by my inner voice, are you not?

This silent yet compelling voice whispers in my head, often driving a powerful message inside me. It keeps telling me that “I am more” and “I can do better”. Though reticent at first, it becomes more apparent especially during my times of stress and desperation.

This intriguing inner voice has awakened my sense of self-awareness, leading me onto a treasure hunt to discover my authentic self and the truth of life in and around me. I named it the “spirit of achievement”. It pushes me to do things more passionately than before and increases my personal quality standard and self-expectation; it quickens my work-pace and has deposited a higher dosage of confidence and determination to attain all my dreams and aspirations. Interestingly, this spirit has also removed my mental limitation to dream the impossible and to live out my dreams as a designpreneur.

Over the years, this “can do”, “must do”, and “do well” attitude has conditioned my mind and drove my spirit to stretch both my personal and work-based competency. It has increased my passion for life and has pushed me to seek out things that intrigue me, which I may have no knowledge about.

The ‘Impossible’ has transformed to “I’m possible” and I have become bolder and more willing to undertake daunting challenges even without ready resources. This ‘can do’ attitude has helped me to overcome challenges and obstacles in ways that were easier than expected.

The notion that “I am more” has now become my life ethos.

I know where I want to go and I know how to get there.

I may not have what it takes but I will achieve my goal nonetheless.

I am adventurous, loyal, hardworking and always full of sparkle and surprises.

I genuinely want to be an upgraded person each new day and always try to make my work place and family home a happy environment.

I am trusting and I often see goodness in people.

I am also passionate in all things I do and I love them hard.

I can discharge tough love and tender kindness at the same time.

I am not afraid of the truth. I make mistakes, but I own and learn from them.

I dislike people with sight but no vision, and those who are smart but lack emotional intelligence. 

To me, it is the struggle alone that pleases me, not the victory.