President’s Design Award 2020

by Wei Ying  October 28, 2021
 President’s Design Award (P*DA) 2020

“Remember when Jewel Changi Airport first opened?

I bet you do because of your flooded Instagram feed filled with pictures of your female friends posing with the HSBC Rain Vortex.”

HSBC Rain Vortex Changi Jewel

HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport

Next up, we have the Pinnacle @ Duxton, which in my opinion puts other Housing Development Board (HDB) flats to shame. That magnificent looking architecture feat still has many of us craning our necks just to get a glimpse of it.

Singapore Pinnacle at Duxton

Pinnacle@Duxton — Singapore’s first 50-storey public housing development

pda 2020

President’s Design Award 2020 exhibit at National Design Centre

#1 — Designs of the Year 2020— “EyeYah!”

EyeYah! magazines

EyeYah! magazines and books on display at National Design Centre

If the exclamation mark did not give it away, “EyeYah!” is bold, loud, and highly appealing! It is an educational platform designed by Singapore-based designers, Steve Lawler and Tanya Wilson.

Bright and colourful graphics are utilised to convey meaningful messages such as climate change, fake news, etc to the perfect audience — young children!

“When else better to educate the leaders of tomorrow than from young?”

As a kid, could you sit still?

Indeed, the designers had thought about this too. Therefore, “EyeYah!” is available in various multimedia formats, from magazines, an iPad app to interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences. 


Yes, we all had THIS much energy once

#2 — Designs of the Year 2020— “Goodlife! Makan”

Goodlife Makan!

Model of the prototype community kitchen — “Goodlife! Makan”


(Photo courtesy — DesignSingapore Council)


Cheers to confident and empowered seniors!

#3 — Designer of the Year 2020— “Architects Khoo Peng Beng and Belinda Huang”

Khoo Peng Beng and Belinda Huang

Architects Khoo Peng Beng and Belinda Huang, a husband-and-wife duo (Photo courtesy: The Straits Times)


Various models on display depicting the duo’s many concepts

So Singapore, what is design to you?