Life of Distinction

“We are the authors of our own destinies.”

Most of us would have a preferred destiny of choice. Living in this affluent society of ours, we have cultivated the idea that perception seems to be everything. Whether in school, career or life as a whole, many of us would have a certain ideal and aspiration of how we want to live out our lives, isn’t that true?

Many are also smart enough to know where to get the information needed to attain these goals. However, the common problems that exist in many of us are self-doubts and procrastination when trying to get started. Many would start their journey beaming with high hopes but along the developmental journey, the prospect of struggle, insecurity, fear of rejection and failure inevitably will creep into our minds. Men of little conviction, tenacity and resourcefulness are likely to succumb to these pressures and resign pursuing a life of distinction. 


Here are 12 things to keep in mind when crafting your destiny : 

1.) In life, the most important thing is to know what is the most important thing i.e. chasing your dreams.

2.) Courage is the mother of success. Without it, nothing else matters.

3.) Always dream with your eyes wide open. With enthusiasm, all obstacles will inevitably melt away.

4.) Knowledge without P.H.D. i.e. passion, hunger and discipline is like a car with engine but no fuel.

5.) What keeps us going in the face of uncertainties should never be financial consideration alone. We should also take it as a test of our character and personal value system.

6.) Temptation is best tested with power, money and freedom. Watch out your appetite for greed while taming your ego.

7.) The best kind of mentor is one that has gone through all the four seasons of life and emerged a winner. Choose a right mentor. 

8.) Don’t complain about things we cannot control. Instead focus our attention and energy on things we can control.

9.) Plan for tomorrow, learn from yesterday but enjoy the work of today.

10.) Never try to copy the successes of others. We have no idea what their struggle is all about.

11.) We are either part of the problem, solution or the landscape. The choice is clearly ours.

12.) Life is a school. Our experiences are its lessons. Our examinations are its problems and we are graded based on our achievements, characters, honour, virtues and values.