Men of Purpose

“They who have conquered doubt and fear have conquered failure.” James Allen

1. All Successful Men Are Men of Purpose.

Like a man on fire, they hold fast to an idea, a vision or a grand plan, and find it hard to dismiss it from their minds. They will not let it go; they dream about it, cherish it, brood over it and find all ways and means to develop and fulfil it. In the course of executing their plan, they will encounter a multitude of difficulties. However, all successful men will not submit to surrender easily. Instead, the intensity of their purpose increases with the growing magnitude of the obstacles encountered.

Sharing My Personal Experience

After reading the 7 Laws of Success, it was etched in my mind. I began to be more focused and started mapping out my life plan. Here is a page of my diary stating my life objectives and goals are written in 1986 when I was only 24 years old.


2. Belief Is The Basis Of All Things

Successful men always have strong self-belief. It is the first and foremost essential step towards their achievement. The right belief consists of an altitude of mind that determines the whole course of their life. They dream big and find meaning in their pursuit. It is commonly understood that the right belief comes to the right conduct. For every thought, act and habit is the direct outcome of a certain fixed belief, and one’s conduct changes along with one’s belief.

Often shown in the way they think, act and live, the belief which dominates the hearts and minds of every successful man is firmly rooted in his innermost self – so much so it becomes absolutely impossible for him to believe in two opposing conditions at the same time. For instance, a successful man who believes in taking the risk to fulfil his vision is never overly concerned over the loss of time, resources or pains he might suffer.

3. Purpose Also Comes With Intelligence

There are lesser and greater purposes according to the degree of one’s intelligence. A great mind will always be of great purpose while a mind of weak intelligence will be without purpose, and a drifting mind a measure of underdevelopment. What then can resist an unshakeable purpose that dwelt inside a successful man’s mind? What can turn it aside or stand against it?

Absolutely nothing.


4. Honour – What is a Man if He has None

Inert matter yields to a living force, and circumstance succumbs to the power of purpose. Between good and bad purposes, a man of unlawful purpose and poor ethics will inevitably achieve his end but in the process, destroy himself in the long run by ruining his reputation. However, a man of honour and lawful purpose will not fail. He only needs to renew the fire and energy of his fixed resolve in order to consummate his objective. He will stand against the test of time with his honourable business ethics and his reputation will grow over time.

Sharing My Personal Experience:

A few years ago, a friend of mine who was out of job joined me in my design business. As someone who always sees the best in a person, I employed him as my right-hand man overseeing my local operation while I focused on regional growth. He was a capable guy but greed has a bottomless pit. Despite doubling his salary and giving him a substantial stake in my operation, I also allowed him to hold additional work portfolio with an external firm to supplement his salary (his combined salary amounted to S$20k per month working only 3 days work week with me). After 2 years, his appetite got bigger and he engineered a management buyout of one of my best-performing studios (I owned 10 design studios then). I refused and the whole team resigned and started a competing firm against me. It was years later that I was informed he was ousted as its original founder and currently bumping around as a trainer. What goes around comes around. That’s the sad fact of life.


5. A True Test of A Successful Man

The weak man who grieves because he is misunderstood, will not greatly achieve; the vain man, who steps aside from his resolve in order to please others and gain their approbation, will not highly achieve; the double-minded man, who thinks to compromise his purpose, will also fail.

The man of fixed purpose who has been misunderstood received foul accusations, or flattered and fair promises, will not yield a fraction of his resolve. Obstacles often stimulate the man of purpose. Difficulties nerve him to renewed exertion, mistakes, losses and pains, do not subdue him – and failures are steps in the ladder of success for he is ever conscious of the certainty of final achievement.

Success will eventually come to the silent and irresistible all-conquering energy of purpose.

For such a man with honour and great purpose, he will be revered as the man of excellence and achievement, of success, greatness and power.

My Personal Experience
After 17 years of toiling, 2006 was the year I won the Top Entrepreneurs of the Year Award. It was the same year I stepped down as CEO of First Media Group to focus on my new venture, First Media Design School. It was another phase of my new career transformation to become an educator. The struggles were more intense and worst than I expected. Somehow, I managed to overcome it and survived once again. I learnt success always comes in a package; desperation and determination.