Adobe Illustrator

31.5 Hours

A brand is more than just a pretty name with a well designed icon. Explore brand storytelling and creative design for branding purposes to create your brand’s uniqueness and identity.

Level - Fundamentals

Ideal for those looking for an introductory workshop in branding and want to design logos and design collaterals with Adobe Illustrator!

Workshop Outcome

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to create simple vector based designs that can be used for business marketing collaterals or design portfolios.
Storytelling with Adobe Illustrator

About the Workshop

Learn to Create Stunning Graphics

Learners will learn about graphical content generation and basic design fundamentals.

They will apply the techniques in Adobe Illustrator to create an infographic that can be used to tell a story about the culture of Singapore. All learning will be in a hands-on, practical format.

Graduates from this workshop will obtain a Statement of Attainment for Cultural Sensitivity for Design and Creative Storytelling issued by SkillsFuture Singapore.


Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Understand Colors, Typography and Visual Hierarchy


Illustrator Tools and Techniques

Adobe Illustrator tools such as Layers, Drawing Shapes, Colours and Gradients, Pen Tools and more


Advanced Design Techniques

Discover tools like usage of Symbols, Graphs, Gradient Meshes, Perspective Drawing, & Recolor Artwork

Workshop Fees

Upcoming Intakes

Full Time: Jun 22 - Jun 25

Day: Tuesdays – Fridays
Time: 9am – 6pm
Assessment: Jun 30 – Jul 1

Weekend: Jun 26 - Jul 17

Day: Every Saturdays
Time: 9am – 6pm
Assessment: Jul 24

Full Time: Jul 22 - Jul 30

Day: Every Thursdays & Fridays
Time: 9am – 6pm
Assessment: Aug 2 or Aug 3

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Course Information

Fundamentals of Art and Design
Reference No.      : TGS-2021005705
Course Duration : 31.5 hours (In-Class)
Funding Validity : 16 Jun 2021 to 15 Jun 2023