Adobe Photoshop

36 Hours 


Images are the best way to capture your audience’s attention. A Marketer or Designer should be able to do more than just attract attention, they should be capable of applying visual communication concepts for planting an impression that would last and give an impact to the market. Adobe Photoshop is the very first step!

About This Workshop

Learners will be trained to edit images in order to enhance
visuals. Using Adobe Photoshop, learners will be equipped with the skills and techniques of Adobe Photoshop in order to edit and reconfigure images. They will be tasked to work on a poster that is a synthesis of “retro” art and “futuristic” art. All learning will be in a hands-on, practical format.


Level - Fundamentals

Ideal for those looking for an introductory workshop to graphic design and designing of collaterals with Adobe Photoshop!

Workshop Outcome

• Understanding design planning and image
compositionAdobe Photoshop tools such as Layers,
Lasso, Colours and Gradients, Pen Tools and more

• How to edit and reconfigure images for the purposes
of editing photographs, posters, social media posts
and more

Visual Communcation

Workshop Fees

Upcoming Intakes

Full Time: Feb 2 - Feb 5

Day: Tuesday – Friday
Time: 9am – 6pm
Assessment: Feb 8 or Feb 9

Weekend: Feb 27 - Mar 20

Day: Every Saturdays
Time: 9am – 6pm
Assessment: Mar 27 or Mar 28

Full Time: Mar 2 - Mar 5

Day: Tuesday – Friday
Time: 9am – 6pm
Assessment: Mar 8 or Mar 9

Full Time: Mar 23 - Mar 26

Day: Tuesday – Friday
Time: 9am – 6pm
Assessment: Mar 29 – Mar 30

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