Short Courses & Workshops


Design has evolved through the years. Today, everything we see has some integration of design to make a product more aesthetically pleasing or functionally more effective. This is the reason why design has expanded and branched out into various topics such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design, Product Design, all the way up to Photography, and Videography; to support the need for learning its applications in different fields. 


Digital Marketing

With the ever growing range of new digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and others; digital marketing has proved to become a complex subject to master. In addition, online content marketing has now become a necessity for companies operating today. Since everyone has at least one social media account, businesses are taking advantage of these online platforms by feeding content to online users making their platforms a stream to generate influential content that can lead to profitability for their businesses. 

Start your learning journey with us, and we will direct you to develop a complex understanding of the digital market.

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Creative thinking is the ability to spark your imagination and expand your opportunities. Here at First Media Design School, we believe that imagination is everything. It shows a preview of what is to come and gives you the opportunity to create an innovative design before it does. As a creative design institution, we aim to be able to produce graduates whose creativity is not limited only to their creative skillset, but they will have the capacity to create their own creativity out of their imaginative thinking skills.