Spirit of an Entrepreneur

Do you remember times when you would fail, yet you would manage to muster up your last bit of spirit and strength to put up a fight? Despite knowing fully well you might not win, yet your inner voice keeps telling you to pull yourself up and give it one last hard push. Somehow, you still manage to squeeze out your last ounce of energy and to give it your best shot. Feels good, doesn’t it?

If you have been through such incidents, you will know that during moments of anguish, despair and frustration, somehow your spirit will be able to muster up whatever energy that is still available inside you. The moment of truth during these moments of struggles comes from your inner voice called “Spirit.” It is this spirit we call out from time to time, whenever we are down in the rugs.

During times of peril, our thought processes will naturally recall our past challenges and how we overcame them. It tells you “You’ve been there and you’ve done that and this time is no different.” It probably tells you that this fight is not as bad as the last, and you have a fighting chance to win.

These “inner voices,” as I have named them, are the guardians of our fighting spirit. It is this spirit that dwelt inside us, telling us not to let go or give up. It is like completing a 10km run when you have successfully completed many full marathons before. It is a known fact that if one had overcome a string of past challenges, one is likely to pull through much easier than those who have less.

A calm sea does not make a good mariner.

Likewise, to discover new frontiers, a good mariner must be bold and prepared to lose sight of the shore. As an entrepreneur, our past records can reveal the strength of our tenacity in an event of turmoil. This can be likened to a weather-hardened mariner, one that fears no death. A true blue entrepreneur who has survived many rounds of downturns will, in turn, be seasoned enough to know how to turn on their fighting spirit to manoeuvre a ship under turbulent weather condition.

• How strong is your fighting spirit in the face of trouble?

• Do you shy away from your responsibility?

• Or do you face it squarely?

To me, good entrepreneurial quality cannot be measured merely by the profit one makes since each industry differs. Rather, one should be measured by the amount of risks, pains and failures he has overcome to be where he is at present. As each industry differs from another one, the risk profile and profit measurement become irrelevant.

Are you cut to be an entrepreneur?

Are you bold enough to tackle business challenges? Or do you deem it suicidal and simply pack your bags and leave when the storm comes? Education can only give you a head start. It is your experience, perseverance and resourcefulness as entrepreneurs that will differentiate the winners from the losers. Finally, how you steadfastly overcome your current challenges will determine how you will tackle your next fights.

Quitters never win. Winners never quit.