NFT Digital Art

24 Hours 

Turn your art into an NFT! Dive into the world of Digital Art in this workshop where you will be exposed to various types of digital art styles, create your own masterpiece and list it on NFT platforms!

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About the Workshop

Join The World of Digital Art!

The advent of NFTs and Digital Art has revolutionized the design world by giving power back to Designers.

In this workshop, learners will be working on Digital Drawing Apps like Procreate, Infinite Painter, Sketch, or Krita to create their own digital artwork. Learners will also learn to mint and list their work on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.


Create Your Own Digital Art

Be exposed to various art styles and create different forms of digital art


Graphic Design Fundamentals

Apply and learn graphic design principles and best-practices


NFT Platforms & Blockchain Technology

Learn about OpenSea, a NFT marketplace where artists can list and sell their work

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